It seems like every day a cool new gadget is hitting the market, and with the growth of crowd-funding sites like Kickstarter, new inventors are getting their shot! If you want a home of the future, check out these awesome innovations you’ll want to purchase ASAP.



Have you ever been cooking a masterpiece and realized you needed a touch of fresh herbs to finish the dish – but don’t have any on hand? Meet Herbert, your own vertical garden to grow up to 15 herbs, fruits, and vegetables in the comfort of your home. Indoor gardening has never been so clean, efficient, and beautiful. The innovative technology paired with stunning design makes it the most practical piece of wall art you’ll ever find. Install this vertical garden on your kitchen wall for fresh herbs any time.



Turn your pool or pond into a neon wonderland with PLAYBULB Solar, a product that is revolutionizing outdoor lighting. These 100% solar-powered lights float in your pool and are fully customized by an app to make them any color you wish. Group them for artistic outdoor ambiance and set the mood for a party or a romantic evening. They are energy efficient, a cinch to install, and last much longer than traditional pool lights. They even have a smart light sensor to turn on exactly when it gets dark. Upgrade your night swim with these cool lights!



Lock and unlock your front door from anywhere with Gate! Gate easily installs on your door, and when connected by app, sends you mobile notifications when it detects motion in front of your door. You will be able to see, hear, and speak to your visitor from your phone! Then you can lock and unlock your door remotely, or assign passcodes to your visitors. Check in on your kids when they get home, let the babysitter or house cleaners in, and install top-notch, interactive security to your home. Gate is the first connected camera lock that allows you to manage your front door from anywhere, anytime.


Take your Amazon Alexa to the next level with Daptly Display, a smart-mirror that lets you control dozens of apps with motion and voice. Control everything in your smart home including alarms, locks, and lights, plus view videos, see the weather, read the news, and more. With a built in fully-functional Amazon Alexa, you get access to 1000s of skills and commands. If you’re not into the mirror look, you can use it as a photo frame and upload your own photos, or choose from their 50,000 photo collection from renowned museums.



Finally, there’s a slimmer, more efficient, and more attractive window air conditioner, Noria. It’s 40% smaller than a traditional AC unit, with an attractive interface that – you guessed it – can be controlled via your smartphone. It’s easy to install and creates a sealed, secure socket in the window, so there’s no precarious balancing. It also directs cool air up towards the ceiling, creating a convective cycle that prevents cold and hot spots in the room. There’s nothing cooler.

Make your home a little bit smarter with one of these new inventions – coming soon to a store near you!

Posted on 04.11.17

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