The kids are gone, and suddenly your big family home feels like too much. Between maintaining the yard, the empty rooms that still need to be cleaned, and all the stuff that accumulates, it can feel overwhelming. Empty nesters, have you thought about downsizing?

If you’re tired of the upkeep of a big home in Pasadena, downsizing to luxury condo could be the perfect solution. A condo offers flexibility and convenience, plus incredible amenities and access to a like-minded community.

Downsizing to a condo immediately decreases your responsibility. It’s easier than ever to jet off on a weekend getaway – you don’t have to hold the mail, take out the trash cans, or time the sprinklers.

Luxury condos offer unprecedented amenities, like modern chef-worthy kitchens, open floor-plans, pools, in-building gyms, secure parking lots, well-maintained gardens and more.

Your new condo will also likely be filled with other like-minded residents – empty nesters and other couples who are interested in traveling, exploring the city, and meeting for a quick game of tennis.

Moving into a condo can also let you explore a new part of the city, where it’s easier to check out new restaurants and bars. If your life no longer revolves around your neighborhood school, why not take the opportunity to expand your horizons!

Plus, you can still get a condo with a spare bedroom for when the kids come back to visit! A variety of floor plans and sizes let you find the solution that works best for your family.

The Montana Residences in Pasadena

One of the most popular luxury condo options Pasadena is the Villas at The Ambassador Gardens. These stunning townhomes are located in the heart of Old Town Pasadena, and offer gourmet kitchens, spacious floor plans, and access to the immaculate gardens. It’s easy to see why people are trading their houses for condos when they look like this!

Interested in downsizing? Let us know and we can find some great luxury condos in Pasadena and beyond to tour.

Posted on 02.05.18

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