Strolling through Pasadena, you might think you’ve stepped into a fairytale. The large wood and stone homes practically look like they came out of the trees themselves. These are prime examples of Arts & Crafts Architecture, and Pasadena is one of the foremost destinations for this style.

The Arts & Crafts Architecture Movement was created as a rejection of the ornate Victorian decor, instead preferring simple elements and natural materials. The movement emphasized simplicity, honesty and integrity, both as a design philosophy and as a way of life. Arts & Crafts bungalows were built and furnished to harmonize with its surroundings, a natural fit for wooded Pasadena!

When Charles and Henry Greene moved to this “little country town” in 1893, they opened Greene & Greene architecture firm, and began building Arts & Crafts style homes throughout the area. It was then that Pasadena became the architectural haven it is today.

Greene & Greene were influenced by Japanese architecture, which they saw for the first time at the World’s Columbian Exhibition in Chicago. Between 1907 and 1909, they completed dozens of projects throughout Pasadena, including the ultimate bungalow, the Gamble House.

The Gamble House is three stories, and uses more than six kinds of wood in the interior, using inlays and interlocking joints to showcase the different colors and grains. You can tour the Gamble house daily, plus there are specialty tours to showcase the wood craftsman and leaded glass.

As you stroll through Pasadena, you’ll find dozens of other Arts & Crafts homes, designed by Greene & Greene or other prominent architects like Elmer Grey and Myron Hunt.

The Pasadena real estate market is lucky to feature such gorgeous homes. One original Greene & Greene home, the Henry A. Ware House, is currently for sale by Kevin Bourland of John Aaroe Group. Built in 1913, it’s listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It features all the hallmarks of Arts & Crafts architecture, including inlaid wood, detailed fireplaces, and even an original children’s playhouse in the yard.

If you’d like a tour, contact us and we can take a trip through time together! There are always new craftsman homes for sale in Pasadena real estate.


It is thrilling to be part of this little Bungalow Heaven in Pasadena, where home after home is steeped in architectural history. Maybe I’ll see you at Craftsmen Weekend, organized by the Pasadena Heritage society in October for a chance to see these homes up close and personal.


Posted on 07.24.17

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